Learning Technology

ACF has developed cutting-edge learning technology to manage learning, promote professional development, and improve performance.

Our tools benefit managers and staff, and are an invaluable aid for tracking and driving the achievement of business goals.

Our web-based learning tools include:

Acumen Learning Portal – a user friendly focal point from which individual learners can access all learning resources, receive personalised learning plans, and actively participate in their own professional development. The portal can link either to a firm’s own LMS or to the Acumen LMS.

Acumen LMS – a powerful, robust, flexible, and fully scaleable system that can underpin the enterprise-wide knowledge management process. Intuitive and easy to use the Acumen LMS empowers learning managers to make the most of the firm’s knowledge capital at a realistic cost

Acumen Assessment – enables the rapid design and delivery of tests, exams, training needs surveys, feedback surveys, certification and skills tests, and self-assessments. If you need answers, Acumen Assessment can help you to ask the questions and instantly assess the results.

Querifi – a compelling app which reinforces learning anywhere and anytime. Using a variety of interesting techniques,  Querifi uses gamification and leaderboards to drive motivation and retention. A comprehensive tracking platform gives managers and instructors a clear view of where each individual is on the learning curve.

Our considerable experience of delivering corporate education, using a wide range of formats, coupled with our innovative learning tools can add measurable value to your overall corporate training strategy.