Financial Training

ACF takes a fresh approach to banking and financial training.

Active and practical experiential learning is at the heart of our training philosophy. ACF offers a dynamic blend of interactive eLearning, rolling cases, top quality instruction and compelling, realistic simulations. It is the most effective and motivating training methodology available anywhere.

Our unrivalled experience, delivering innovative banking and financial training to leading banks and financial institutions all over the globe, means we are uniquely equipped to make a real difference with our fresh approach.

ACF has vast experience with interns, analysts and associates and continuing professional development at all levels.

If you have a training need we can offer a solution.

If you are open to a fresh approach to financial training we can deliver it.

"Learning is not a spectator activity".

Learning is a progressive, participating experience Our instructors are world-class financial professionals with wide practical experience.  They ensure that passive learning is kept to a minimum. The emphasis is on the application of theory to practice at every stage.

Gamification is a powerful tool and we use it wherever it is appropriate to enhance and consolidate the learning experience.

ACF has a portfolio of powerful proprietary simulations that cover all aspects of banking and finance. They provide the ultimate in experiential financial training

Active and immersive learning works equally well from intern and entry level to professional and executive development.

We also use Adaptive Learning  to ensure people have the appropriate training for their skill level.

ACF financial training programs have a high level of retention. In a highly regulated industry like banking and finance people have to pass necessary exams. The ACF method ensures they are equipped to succeed. We have a variety of tools and apps to reinforce every of aspect of learning.

By actively applying new knowledge with powerful simulations, by reinforcing knowledge with learning technology at every stage, participants emerge more quickly, ready and able to make an active contribution to a firm's success.

The ACF method saves time and money. Let us show you how.