Financial Simulations

ACF Consultants are pioneers and world leaders in the creation of simulations for banking, business and finance.

Our flagship financial simulations are the gold standard. They feature flexible authoring systems, industrial strength analytics and pricing tools, comprehensive and accurate reporting, and the ability to integrate all aspects of the simulation data. This powerful realism takes them well beyond the league of games or one-dimensional computer-based exercises. They are a real challenge in a virtual business environment.

Simulation is simply the most compelling and motivating way for adults to learn. Simulation is active, experiential learning in its most effective format. By encouraging participation and application with immediate feedback, knowledge retention is dramatically increased. Simulation is an essential element of truly blended learning. It allows theory to be put into practice in the most compulsive way with immediate benefits.

No Limit

Our Simulation Architecture is open and infinite. ACF’s simulations have sophisticated inbuilt authoring systems to make them completely flexible. There is no limit to the number of simulations that can quickly be created – both strategic and tactical. They accurately reflect any market, any economy, any financial instrument, any company, and any scenario. In an industry that is constantly evolving we ensure that our simulations, like our instructors, remain ahead of the curve.

Flagship Financial Simulations

Custom Simulations

ACF has wide experience of creating innovative simulations. We can build unique custom simulations designed to recreate any business and for a specific training need. Contact us to discuss a unique simulation.