The Learning Curve

Maximise the Learning Curve
Minimise the Forgetting Curve

Investing in just training your people is not enough.

Learning is a continuous process which must focus on long-term retention and performance support to produce real benefits and maximum return.

Even the brightest people quickly forget 70 per cent of what they have learned in training.

Overcoming the Forgetting Curve is crucial to success.

Immediate application of knowledge with practice, using challenging and realistic simulations, is key for maximising the learning curve.

Another important key component for long term retention is knowledge reinforcement.

Conscious retrieval and performance support during and after any training programme is a game-changer, especially when combined with powerful simulations.

ACF has the tools, the technology and the techniques to Maximise the Learning Curve and Minimise the Forgetting Curve.

What is the Forgetting Curve?

Research has demonstrated that, without practice or repetition, we typically forget half of what we learn within a day. More worryingly, after five days we might only remember 10% of the new things we have learned. This phenomenon was first explored by Hermann Ebbinghaus in 1885, and is illustrated in the chart below as the first decaying blue line.

Knowledge Retention with Querifi

To avoid this, ACF combines:

  • intensive hands-on practice using our world class simulations
  • timed repetition of key learning points using our Querifi™ app

… to minimise the forgetting curve and maximise the learning curve.

See from the solid blue line in the chart how regular knowledge reinforcement with Querifi™ stimulates knowledge retention, and increases cumulative retention, as shown by the green line.