Intern Training

Intern training is a vital part of transitioning from full-time education to the professional workplace.

Companies that devote time and resources to finding, selecting and training interns are looking for a return on their investment. Internships help a company to evaluate how an individual would perform in the actual workplace. Intern training is a vital part of this process

Here is how ACF Consultants can help to make internships as effective as possible.

At the recruiting stage we can offer on-campus simulation days to help identify promising talent. ACF financial simulations are fun and exciting, but they also provide rigorous and meaningful analytics to help spot potential.

Intern training for those selected has more impact and creates better value for the client when it is practical and challenging. The ACF technique is driven by practical application. Theory is never enough. Training must be energised with realistic practice.

Real-life projects and an integrated multi-faceted approach using our unique supporting technology ensure that interns are exposed to the realities of finance.

Whether delivered live or virtually, ACF can provide a foundation of technical and practical knowledge giving interns a great head-start to their internships, and equipping them with the tools and knowledge to make a real contribution.

We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure they get the most out of their investment in interns and reveal real talent.

ACF provides intern training for all aspects of banking and finance.