Querifi™ is ACF’s amazing new smartphone app designed specifically for close integration with our training courses.

As a training course progresses, Querifi regularly presents quick-fire, timed challenges to participants on the specific topics they have just covered.

This reinforces and cements knowledge, and avoids the Ebbinghaus forgetting effect, enabling participants to retain concepts and knowledge much more effectively.

Querifi manages an in-built leader board, so that participants can compete against each other in speed, knowledge retention, and ability to master the subject matter. This adds a challenging gamification element and provides constant encouragement for them to do better.

In addition, Querifi can be used for instant polling. With just a click of the instructor’s mouse, Querifi will present a poll question to participants and as they click the responses Querifi will display the updating poll results in real-time, allowing the instructor to adapt the course as it progresses.

Most importantly, Querifi incorporates a powerful reporting system that displays in-depth and insightful charts analysing the responses of users and groups, as well as a breakdown of activity and question response.