Accounting and Corporate Finance

The Acumen eLearning system has been carefully designed by a team that combines expert knowledge in the creation of learning technology and simulations with unrivalled experience in financial markets training. Acumen utilises the very latest multimedia techniques, including simulation, gamification and interactive video to enrich and reinforce the learning process.

The content for Accounting and Corporate Finance has been developed by leading finance professionals to produce a truly compelling and powerful online learning experience, and comprises over 100 modules arranged in almost 40 courses, covering a wide spectrum in:

  • Accounting principles
  • Financial statements
  • Financial reporting standards
  • ¬†Financial statement analysis
  • Company modelling
  • Company valuation
  • Project finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

… and many more. The level spans the spectrum from introductory through advanced, the latter dealing with advanced topics like adjustments to the accounts, the implications of leasing, off-balance sheet items, and merger valuation.

No other eLearning system provides the breadth and depth of banking and finance knowledge.