We are delighted that Global Trader has been awarded a coveted Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Silver Award for the Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology. Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award
“Thanks to the many innovations from our Excellence in Technology winners, organizations have many compelling options as they make important decisions on how to leverage technology to drive their people strategies,” said Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer and awards program head Rachel Cooke.
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Global Trader

Global Trader is the most sophisticated and versatile trading simulator available – no other system comes close.

The latest version is cloud-based and utilises the most up to date technology to create an incredibly realistic trading environment. Global Trader covers all the traded financial markets, asset classes, and products – including commodities, cryptos, and derivatives – under any economic conditions. Users can access the simulation on any device, and even on multiple devices and screens.

Data is key, and Global Trader collects a vast amount of information, analysing this to generate a comprehensive set of incisive metrics. Risk exposure is measured across multiple dimensions, as are capital requirements and risk-adjusted returns. More than a dozen behavioural aspects are also tracked to provide a fully rounded assessment of individual and team performance.

An amazing and unique AI-powered Trade Advisor performs an in-depth analysis of each user’s trading activity, and presents an insightful and personalized report. The analysis engine is powered by ACF’s accumulated experience of conducting literally 1000s of trading simulations, from which the system can discern which strategies were successful and which were not, and feeding this advice back to today’s users.

In addition, users can access powerful analysis tools that include derivatives pricing, strategy evaluation, exposure heatmaps, profit attribution, and can drill into the detailed workings of the order book to understand exactly how electronic trading works.

Global Trader is much more than a trading simulation. From simple trading to the construction of structured products, and from short-term tactical to long-term strategic simulations, Global Trader delivers the closest experience to the real thing, allowing users to put theory into practice in a safe but exciting and motivating setting.

A multifaceted, flexible, and highly engaging system, Global Trader forms an excellent and effective feature in many of our blended-learning solutions for global markets training. From entry-level to advanced professional development, Global Trader significantly enhances the learning experience.